Comet pumps

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  • YA Series

    High pressure piston pump (YA130)

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  • IDS Series

    High-pressure diaphragm pumps with brass heads and bronze external manifolds

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  • APS Series

    High-pressure diaphragm pump

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  • MC Series

    Medium pressure, semi-hydraulic diaphragm pumps with anodized aluminum bodies (MC25)

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  • MP Series

    Medium pressure, internal manifold diaphragm pumps that feature anodized aluminum heads for less leakage.

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  • BP Series

    Low-pressure diaphragm pumps

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Most popular accessories

  • GCP 3V

    On pump 3 outlets control assembly

  • GCP HPR2 3V

    On pump 3 outlets control assembly

Comet accessories

About Comet

Comet is a world leader in the spraying and weed control sectors. A front line position, built over 50 years of experience and continuous improvement.
Since the first agricultural pump was manufactured in 1961, technological innovation has been unstoppable, leading to the latest COMET model, the BP300, which immediately became a benchmark in the sector.